Ben Borges benb
  • Joined on Jun 08, 2022

A tool for exporting Telegram group chats into static websites to preserve chat history like mailing list archives.

Updated 1 week ago

The 4CAT Capture and Analysis Toolkit provides modular data capture & analysis for a variety of social media platforms.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Download media files from a telegram conversation/chat/channel up to 2GiB per file

Updated 4 weeks ago

A python module to download twitter spaces.

Updated 2 months ago

An app that retrieves messages from the channels you are subscribed to on Telegram, translates them into English, and sends them to a new channel of your choice.

Updated 2 months ago

Web UI with search and navigation for Telegram chat / channel dump (export) from JSON

Updated 2 months ago

It connects to Telegram's API. It generates JSON files containing channel's data, including channel's information and posts. You can search for a specific channel, or a set of channels provided in a text file (one channel per line.)

Updated 3 months ago

Exports messages and media from Telegram dialogs, groups and channels

Updated 6 months ago

A video player without video files, just JSON. Based on 'images frames' thought to mobile devices!

Updated 6 years ago